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President Bush’s Plan For Comprehensive Immigration Reform January 28, 2007

Posted by dsheen88 in Immigration Laws and Policies, Immigration reform, News and politics, Simply Immigration!.

During his State of the Union Address, President Bush Called On Congress To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The President believes that America can simultaneously be a lawful, economically dynamic, and welcoming society.  We must address the problem of illegal immigration and deliver a system that is secure, productive, orderly, and fair.  The President calls on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our borders, enhance interior and worksite enforcement, create a temporary worker program, resolve – without animosity and without amnesty – the status of illegal immigrants already here, and promote assimilation into our society. All elements of this problem must be addressed together – or none of them will be solved.  

For more detail information aour President Bush’s plan for imigration reform go to:




1. Mary Aceves - March 6, 2007

We need to pass imigration reform. This is a imigration problem. The president promessed a reform. These promesses are the cause of discrimination and competition in our evironment. We the USA citizens are harrazzed, stereo type, and discriminate. The president and congress are competent to see what is best for our nation.

2. Rodrigo - May 20, 2007

Immigration reform should be the best way to help millions of imigrates that are residing illegally in the United States. President Bush has the power to help them, he needs to pass imigration reform. The imigrates have the power to help increase the economy of this country. Together we make a difference.

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